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Could you help us with any of these voluntary roles in your local worshipping community?

Parish Organiser

Parish Volunteer Team Member


MP Correspondent

Education Volunteer

Office Volunteer

Parish Organiser

The role of our Parish Organisers is vital. You would be our CAFOD ambassador at your parish, thanking everyone for their support and helping us demonstrate the life-changing work they are making possible all over the world. Your first task would be to find others to help you form a small team. We also know that parishes with volunteer teams feel far more supported and encouraged in their work for CAFOD.

The main focus of the role is around our twice yearly Fast Days (Lent and Harvest). At this time of year, we will contact you to ask you to carry out a number of tasks such as checking that the envelopes have arrived at the presbytery, arranging for these to be given out, ensuring a note is in the newsletter, putting up a poster and organising a short talk after each Mass. This really makes all the difference and this is why recruiting a small team to help you is best.

We would also contact our Parish Organisers in the event of a global emergency to keep you informed and to ask for your help at this time.

We especially value your presence at our twice yearly Supporters’ Meetings where we arrange for speakers from Head Office to talk about their hands on experience working overseas so your knowledge of our work is always growing and you are equipped to answer any questions about CAFOD in your local area. As our Parish Organiser we’d also need you to keep in touch with us – by email or phone to let us know what’s happening – especially around Fast Days – but we’ll be glad to hear from you at any time of the year.

(For more information on the kinds of activities you can get involved with as a parish organiser all year round, click here. For a set of fab posters which give a great overview of all CAFOD’s work, click here.)

We are particularly looking for Parish Organiser in these areas: (If your parish isn’t listed here though – we will still need you! Each parish is now forming a small team and your help and enthusiasm would be much appreciated!)

If you feel you could help, please get in touch on 01252 329385 or portsmouth@cafod.org.uk

Parish Team Member

Could you help a Parish Coordinator at your local church? We really need more people who are prepared to help out and form a small team. Ideally we’re looking for one or even two volunteers per Mass. This would be enormously helpful to your Parish Organiser (see above) who remains in contact with us here locally. Tasks could include assisting the Organiser with a number of things such as putting up a poster perhaps in each worshipping community, making sure our notices are in the newsletter, thanking people in person for their support, perhaps even speaking – whatever you are able to do to help raise awareness of CAFOD’s work. Your role is incredibly valuable. Parishes with small teams of people to support and encourage one another are real forces for change!

As a parish team member you would receive our monthly e-newsletters and are actively encouraged to keep in touch by, for example, attending our bi-annual Supporter Meetings. Please contact us on 01252 329385 or portsmouth@cafod.org.uk if you feel you could help. We really need more parish team members EVERYWHERE so all offers of assistance will be welcomed!


Could you give a talk at Mass about CAFOD’s work in your local community? If so – please do get in touch! We’d love to hear from you. We aim to have a short 2 minute talk after every Mass twice a year in each worshipping community around Fast Days to thank communities for their valued support and demonstrate just how much of an impact this is having around the world. The talks are pre-prepared and would be sent to you in advance. We would also actively encourage you to attend our Supporter Meeting – which would take place just before a Fast Day and normally includes a speaker who has hands on experience of our work in the particular country we are focussing on that year. We also go through the resources available that will help you prepare.

But as a speaker – you may be moved to make a short appeal at other times of the year – at a time of a global emergency for example or about a campaign that you feel passionately about.

If you feel you could help, please get in touch on 01252 329385 or portsmouth@cafod.org.uk

MP Correspondent

Join us and help create a better future for all by becoming an MP correspondent with CAFOD. This is a really important role as through letters and meetings with MPs, CAFOD supporters have already changed government policy. In the past few years alone, volunteers have helped secure tough laws to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change.

Three times a year, you would be asked to send your MP a letter or email on an important global justice issue. You would be given a thorough briefing and then asked to contact your MP. Some MP correspondents also meet with their MPs at their local MP surgeries too.   Sign up today here.

Education Volunteer

Please note that we are only recruiting in the following areas this year:  Bournemouth (secondary only) Windsor (primary and secondary), Fareham & Gosport (primary only) and Jersey (primary and secondary).

The role of a School or Education Volunteer is really varied and rewarding.  Visits are organised around your availability and you can choose whether you work in a primary or secondary school (or both).   We try to link each Education Volunteer to at least one school and we generally ask you to make contact with that school at least once a term (so at least three times a year).  You may be asked to deliver an assembly or a longer classroom based session. The range of topics again can vary – from speaking generally on global injustice to talking about a particular theme such as health, food, Fairtrade, or water etc.

We have lots of resources to help and we offer full training.  Volunteers are not expected to be an expert or have a teaching background but what is essential is an ability to communicate with young people. The training for this position is normally 2 days in length and held at CAFOD Head Office in Romero House, London. Safeguarding training is included and the role requires an Enhanced CRB check with the Portsmouth diocese.  We also take up references.

For more information on this role, please find a leaflet with more information here, a role description here and an application form here.   Please contact us on 01252 329385 or portsmouth@cafod.org.uk if you are interested.

Office Volunteer

Could you help us at our office here in Aldershot?  Ideally, you would be handy with a computer and able to use Excel and Word. You would be tasked with keeping our supporters data up to date, by updating our database with relevant changes and you’d help us log all the activities carried out by volunteers across the diocese.  You may be also be involved with preparing packs or materials for events or answering enquiries. All help gratefully received. For more information, please contact us on 01252 329385 or via portsmouth@cafod.org.uk


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