Tim’s unique way of promoting World Gifts.

Tim Collins

Tim Collins

Thank you so much Tim Collins, our parish volunteer from St Michael & All Angels in Leigh Park for promoting the World Gift catalogues in such a unique way.

Tim wrote a song and sang it at the Sunday masses last weekend. He then sent me a video clip of him singing  it but unfortunately I can’t upload it to the blog but do go to twitter to hear it. It is just amazing- what a talented volunteer!

Here are the words of the song.

My friends and fellow travelers upon the road to redemption

A minute of your time I pray to give this book a mention

Behold a catalogue so fine and gifts of love within,

So take one home or go online it’s so easy to begin.

From chirpy chickens to wonderful worms, or clean toilets to community water,

World gifts transform the lives of poor and many a son or daughter

So reach out to the world with a simple gift as we prepare at Advent time

A gift from the heart is good for the soul so take one home or go online!

Wow Tim many thanks for sharing your song and for all you do for CAFOD!


During Advent why not fundraise together as a parish to buy cows or goats?

World Gift Catalogue

World Gift Catalogue

Why not get together with other parishioners in your parish to fundraise this advent for a CAFOD World Gift?

Last Advent Guernsey parishioners got together to raise money to buy “Goats that Give” from the World gift catalogue. Liz Dene our parish volunteer in Guernsey organised  a display of goats to encourage people to contribute to the fund .The amazing amount of £2972 was raised enough to buy 105 goats which was fantastic!

Goats display

Goats display

In 2016 English Martyrs in Reading were inspired to  buy camels from World Gifts Linda Heneghan told us “We set up a Christmas raffle so that the children could get involved in the fundraising and there was also a name the camel competition!  We made a list of 165 names, from Biblical names, to quirky names. It was so lovely how the fundraising has really taken off in the parish. We were really pleased that once people were aware of what we were doing, everybody got involved. Sometimes at Christmas, we can be asked to do and be so much but this fundraising has just given people a little nudge to raise awareness of others around the world at Christmas.” They raised over £1400 and bought 3 camels which was just amazing!

English Martyrs World Gifts Camel December 2016

English Martyrs Camel display

There are lots of gifts that parishes could work together to fundraise for during Advent for example Marvellous Moo Cows £150 each, Community water supply £750, or Save the Rainforest £2000!

Aferea from Ethiopia

Aferea from Ethiopia with her cows.

Afera Gebremedhine lives in Zerenga, northern Ethiopia, with her six children and husband Girmay, an injured war veteran who is unable to farm the land.

She was given a heifer by CAFOD which gave birth to calves a few months later. Afera’s cows produce around eight litres of milk a day, which she uses to make butter to sell at the local market. With the money she earns, Afera is able to buy food for her family and pay for school stationery and clothes for her children. If there is any money left over, Afera puts it aside in a community saving scheme, which she hopes will allow her to build an extra room as her house is too small for her family.

“I cannot compare my life before and after this cow. My children have delicious food. I don’t have to worry a lot whether my land is rented out or not. I can sell and buy food for my family”, says Afera.

CAFOD world gifts have been chosen for the real and lasting difference they make to families living in developing countries.

World Gifts – the True Spirit of Christmas Giving

Gift of worms

Gift of worms

Stuck for Christmas present ideas, fed up with giving the usual Christmas socks or bubble bath why not give a life-changing gift instead! Each CAFOD World Gift has been chosen for the real and lasting difference it makes to families living in developing countries . There is something for every budget from Happy Queen Bee at £4 to  Help a Refugee Child at £46.

This year we have a new gift of Wonderful Worms only £10 . By buying these worms you can help a farmer grow good quality tasty vegetables to feed their family. Razia from Bangladesh told us ” The worm-produced compost reduced my hardship and now I can feed my family three meals a day.”

Razia from Bangladesh

Razia from Bangladesh

Razia lives in Lebutala, Bangladesh. She has a small plot of land where she grows vegetables to feed her family. She used to struggle to grow enough food to feed her family even two meals a day. The soil quality was very poor and made worse by using chemical fertilisers. Razia knew that if she didn’t do something soon to increase the amount she grew, the family would not have enough to eat from their land and could struggle with health problems.

Razia’s life was transformed by some amazing squirming worms. CAFOD gave her a kilogram of earthworms and trained her how to make rich compost for her land with them. Despite doubts from her family and neighbours, Razia grew an abundance of beautiful veg thanks to her wonderful worms and their compost.

Today, Razia grows more than enough to feed her family and sells the extra vegetables at the market. And the worms have been so productive, she also sells the extra they make to local farmers!

So this Christmas change lives around the world by giving  World Gifts !