St John the Baptist Primary explore Power to Be

St John the Baptist Primary School

Many thanks to St John the Baptist Primary in Andover for welcoming our fantastic school volunteer Roger Coveney to your school on Wednesday to tell you about CAFOD’s Power to Be Campaign.

Every child has the power to achieve great things. But with 1 in 6 people in our world still living without electricity the hopes of many children are too often a distant dream. Local renewable energy is the cheapest and most efficient way to bring electricity to the poorest communities to help them light their schools, power fridges in their health centres and pump clean water to their villages.  By joining the CAFOD Power to Be campaign schools and parishes can speak up for local renewable energy to help people lift themselves out of poverty.

St John the Baptist Primary school

St John the Baptist Primary school

Many thanks to the pupils at St John the Baptist for sharing your thoughts about renewable energy and placing them on the rays on your Power to Be sun.

Also a HUGE thank you to Roger for visiting the school and sharing the Power to Be campaign with the children.

The UK already spends money on energy access for the poorest communities through the World Bank.The World Bank is an international organisation with a mission to end poverty around the world. Yet currently only a tiny proportion, less than 3%, of its spending on energy goes towards local, renewable energy and clean cooking, which we know benefits the poorest communities.The World Bank is jointly owned by 189 member country governments, but shareholder countries like the UK hold greater power in making decisions. So, through Power to be, we’re asking the UK’s representative at the World Bank, Melanie Robinson, to use her influence to  ensure the Bank invests in providing local, renewable energy. We need to shift the balance so that everyone can have the chance to fulfil their God-given potential. Get involved by signing the online petition and organise a card signing in your parish.



Souper fundraising lunches!

St. John the Baptist, Andover - Lenten Soup Lunch 2017Wow!  Parishioners at St John the Baptist in Andover have raised a colossal £900 for our work overseas by holding a series of Lenten soup lunches throughout March and April.  Thank you so much everyone!  Over 30 people attended the lunches on average and all have enjoyed the delicious homemade soups on offer, with flavours varying from carrot and coriander to pea and ham.  They sound great! Continue reading

Life Without Taps

St John the Baptist Primary LFD 2016

Hello to everyone at St John the Baptist primary in Andover! Everyone looks like they thoroughly enjoying their special visit by our Education Volunteer Jenny last week! Jenny started off their special day with an assembly on water, asking the children what water is used for in their homes and what might happen if they didn’t have safe, clean water. Continue reading