Southampton parishioners brave the heat to walk in the shoes of refugees.

Braving the summer heat  CAFOD supporters from parishes in Southampton took part in a  share the Journey   walk on the Sunday of 8th July around Southampton Common. They walked 1.5 miles so a total of 18 miles will be added to the online totaliser.  During the walk they read different stories about the experiences of refugees  for example the story of Mohammed aged 6 “I was born in Damascus. I remember when we were in Damascus the army entered our home and we had to leave. I didn’t bring any toys with me. We didn’t bring anything with us. We came here quickly by car.I love Lebanon. Here I study, but in Syria there are no schools. My favourite subject is English. We want to stay here”



Many thanks to all those who took part in the walk and to Steve Deadman for organising it . We encourage others to join in a walk as we share Pope Francis’ campaign to stand up for the rights of the people on the move. The next Share the Journey walk is on 22nd July around Prospect Park in Reading starting at English Martyrs’ Church RG30 2EB at 2:30pm.  So please do go along and show your concern for refugees.

Here is a message about the campaign from Bishop O’Toole.


St George’s College Southampton Share the Journey

St George's College Southampton

St George’s College Southampton

On Thursday 5th July students from year 7, 8,and 9 at St George’s College in Southampton took part in a Share the Journey walk around the school playing fields.  There were 4 stations in the playing fields that each group of students walked to and where they could rest in the shade and hear about the plight of refugees.

One station focused on refugees stories and the students heard about David from South Sudan who had to flee his village because of the violence which left many of his friends  dead.  He fled to Uganda and is now in Bidi Bidi Refugee camp where he is training people in agriculture. Another station focused on the Lampedusa cross which was made out of the wood of boats carrying refugees across the Mediterranean . An Italian carpenter called Francisco makes the crosses out of the wreckage of these refugee boats to highlight the plight of refugees and to give them hope.

St George's College

St George’s College

Ruth Cunio, Chaplain at St George’s Catholic College, said: “The response from the students was really positive.  We all picked up a stone at the first station as a symbol of everything refugees, migrants and people on the move must carry with them. So many students said they would keep their stone to remind them of the journeys refugees must face. The experience even gave one student, who was himself a refugee and had travelled a long way, the platform to share his experience and be supported by his fellow classmates.”

Many thanks to the students and staff for supporting the Share the Journey campaign  and walking an amazing 400 miles!!

Online totaliser

Online totaliser



St Mary’s School Southampton inspired by CAFOD School Visitors

Thank you cards from St Mary's

Thank you cards from St Mary’s

Many thanks to Steve and Karen our CAFOD school volunteers  who visited St Mary’s School Southampton and led workshops on ” Life without taps ” and “Be the Project Manager ” to the students in Year 7, 8 and 10.  The students so enjoyed the sessions that they sent some thank you cards to Steve. Here are some quotes from some of the cards:

” The visit was very insightful and I learnt a lot about living in some parts of Africa. I enjoyed the game we did as it was a fun way to learn ..”

” Thank you for taking your time to explain to me the struggles of people in different countries … your talk was eye-opening  and also taught me how I could help out those who aren’t as fortunate as us!”

Thank you cards and letters

Thank you cards and letters

” Your visit was a real eye-opener because us here in the UK wouldn’t think twice about turning on the tap to get a drink of water but families in places like Africa would  have to walk miles and miles for just a jug of contaminated water. This just isn’t fair! …. As a result of your trip I have been inspired to raise money … I think we could have a water themed cake sale…”

” I would like to thank you for taking your time to help us understand real life situations…. Your hard work and dedication really showed in the different activities you gave us…Thank you ”

Thank you letter

Thank you letter

Many thanks to the students for your cards and letters it was lovely to receive them ! Inspired to become one of our CAFOD school volunteers? If you have time during the week to visit schools to deliver CAFOD assemblies and work shops then do contact   We need more school volunteers in Bournemouth , Guernsey and Portsmouth so do get in touch!