Celebrating our wonderful school volunteers. Roger says volunteering is “spiritually rewarding.”

Roger Coveney School volunteer for NW Hampshire

We have 15 amazing CAFOD school volunteers in the Portsmouth diocese who visit the Catholic primary and secondary schools. Well at least they did before lockdown but unfortunately because of restrictions they haven’t been able to visit schools in person since February 2020! However they have taken advantage of the technology and offered virtual and recorded assembles and workshops to schools instead. Roger tells us why he became a school volunteer….

“When I was asked to write down my reasons for  becoming a CAFOD volunteer, I said yes without giving it too much thought. Then I realised that our reason for doing things is not always clear even to ourselves. So I had to reflect back to try to identify the true reasons behind my decision. When I saw an advert for volunteers in the parish newsletter I felt it was something I needed to do. We think about “giving back” and this I felt would be a very positive way of  doing so, it could offer me a chance of being involved in changing lives for the better.

Being a school volunteer has afforded me the privilege of helping young people recognise our global brothers and sisters and how we are all interconnected. Not only am I involved in fundraising I am involved in education and it is that education and learning that will allow my giving back to continue to to be effective into the future.

 So again, why did I become a CAFOD school volunteer? It was to help others and importantly to help those people who have least in this world, and I find it spiritually rewarding.”

If you are interested in becoming a school volunteer then contact Jo on portsmouth@cafod.org.uk

This term we are asking our schools to send a message to the government to tell them that the eyes of the world are watching them as the UK is hosting the COP 26 climate talks in November. There is more information on this campaign for primary and secondary schools.

Our next national assembly on Thursday 10th June will be on Fratelli Tutti the Pope’s latest encyclical click here for more information.

Our Fantastic School Volunteers ….. would you like to join our team?

Portsmouth diocese school volunteers

Portsmouth diocese school volunteers

We had great meeting yesterday with schools volunteers in the Portsmouth diocese to explore the school resources for this term especially Lent 2020 which will focus on The Amazon. Our school volunteers are a fantastic group of people who visit catholic schools around the diocese to deliver assemblies and workshops which inspire young people to care for our world and for those living in poverty overseas.

Exploring the Lent resources

Exploring the Lent resources

If you have time during the week and a passion for helping young people make a difference then why not consider becoming a CAFOD school volunteer. We need volunteers in Winchester, Chandler’s Ford, Portsmouth and Guernsey. Full training and support is provided so please contact me at portsmouth@cafod.org.uk   or call 01252 329385 for more information.


Great Day with School Volunteers exploring Zero Hero resources.

School volunteers

Fantastic day on Tuesday with some of our school volunteers exploring this term’s resources on climate change. We are asking schools to get involved by being Zero Heroes and inviting their MPs into their schools to discuss how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

Our school volunteers visit primary and secondary schools in the diocese to deliver assemblies and workshops on CAFOD’s work. They are a great team and we are looking for new volunteers to visit schools in the Guernsey, Hampshire Downs, North East Hampshire, Portsmouth and St Swithun Wells Pastoral Areas.

Exploring the resources

Exploring the resources

Linda Heneghan our school volunteer for the Reading Area told us why she is a school volunteer. “It’s a real privilege to be able to visit our Diocesan Schools and share the amazing work that CAFOD is able to accomplish due to the ongoing support of Schools and Parishes. The children are so eager to learn about their brothers and sisters in the developing world and have a real empathy for them in recognising the injustices and social inequalities that exist.

Volunteering has allowed me to keep in touch with Catholic Education, work alongside young people and meet old and new friends. I love it when I go into schools and the children recognise me as the CAFOD lady and occasionally I’ll be greeted in the same way out of school. It’s great to have a sense of purpose and be a very small cog in ‘machinery’ that makes up our amazing Catholic charity CAFOD.”

To find out more about being a school volunteer please contact Jo on 01252 329385 or email portsmouth@cafod.org.uk