One World Week 2013 – “More than Enough”?


One World Week 2013 is coming up soon! It will run from 20 to 27 October and the theme this year is “More than Enough?”. It is an invitation to think about whether we… Continue reading

What a beginning of Lent in Havant!

The intrepid walkers!!!

As announced recently, the parishes of Havant and Emsworth have a very busy Lenten journey planned – with CAFOD being one of the main elements of it! They had a fantastic beginning the last two weekends, as our volunteer Maureen Thompson reports: Continue reading

One World Week is back!

The popular International Dinner in Waterlooville

One World Week is round the corner once again! The popular week, which offers great opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to come together to learn about global justice, takes place this year from 23 to 30 October. The theme is “Living for One World” and it is focusing on climate change—so it is also a fantastic opportunity to promote our Don’t drop the ball campaign!! Continue reading