English Martyrs Primary Brighten Up and raise £470

English Martyrs Brighten Up!

English Martyrs Brighten Up!

A HUGE thank you to the pupils, staff and parents from English Martyrs Primary school in Reading for raising the fantastic amount of £470 for CAFOD Harvest fast day. After hearing about CAFOD’s work in El Salvador at a Harvest fast day assembly led by our school volunteer Linda Heneghan the school decided to have a Brighten Up fundraising day where the children could come to school dressed in their brightest clothes, and buy brightly decorated cakes.

Francesca eyeing up the cakes

Francesca eyeing up the cakes

Anton Dworzak, acting headteacher, said of the event: “Many thanks to all the children, parents and staff who supported this year.  It was a fantastic day which we know will help those who truly need it.  Every year we support CAFOD with their valuable work in our communities and around the world to bring social justice to those who most need it.”

Wow what bright colours!

Wow what bright colours!

Linda Heneghan told us “It is my absolute privilege to  be invited into the Catholic Schools in Reading and share with them the work that is being undertaken by CAFOD, as a result of their fantastic  support, to help communities escape poverty. I am always humbled by the  enthusiasm and response of the young people”

St Paul’s Primary Reading Dazzlingly Bright for Harvest

St Paul's Brightening Up for Harvest

St Paul’s Brightening Up for Harvest

WOW St Paul’s what amazingly bright school you are. You all look terrific in your bright clothes and wigs. I bet your teachers needed their sunglasses on all day!

Thank you so much for brightening up for Harvest fast day and raising the fantastic amount of £300 for CAFOD which will go to help families around the world lift themselves out of poverty.

St Paul's with Linda

St Paul’s with Linda

We hope you enjoyed hearing about Diego and Jacqueline from El Salvador who were featured in the 2015 Harvest assembly and also the KS2 Geography pack, and how they had grown over the last few years.

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When Jacqueline was little her family barely had enough to get by but now they have learnt how to grow more than 40 different crops so they have enough food to eat. Diego enjoys the safe spaces that CAFOD’s partner has set up for the children to play in away from gangs, and he loves playing the drums in the local band.

Although things are improving one in ten people in the world still live in extreme poverty which means that families do not have enough food and the children miss out on school.  The money you raised at your brighten up day will make a real difference for example – £1 buys a week’s attendance at a children’s club –a safe space away from gang violence, £38 gives a family sees and livestock to start a farm, and £105 buys chickens and materials to start a family business.

Many thanks to Linda Heneghan for delivering the assembly and a HUGE THANK YOU to all the children, parents and staff at St Paul’s for your support of CAFOD.


Brightening Up at the Harvest Assembly at St Joseph’s College Reading

Harvest Assembly at St Joseph's College

Harvest Assembly at St Joseph’s College

Hello to everyone at St Joseph College and thank you for welcoming Linda Heneghan, our CAFOD school volunteer to your school. We hope you enjoyed the Harvest fast day assembly which showed how Diego’s and Jacqueline’s lives have changed since 2015, and the difference that the donations to CAFOD has made in their country El Salvador.

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