Jacob gives up technology for a week to raise money for CAFOD

Thank you so much Jacob for fundraising for CAFOD by giving up all technology for a week – great idea.

Jacob wrote ” I am 9 years old and have learnt that the world needs help, if we don’t do it now we never can. I am spending Monday to Saturday with no TV/films/iPad/Nintendo or any technology to try and raise some money for CAFOD. My family are helping me and my brother is suffering the consequences of helping me! “

Wow how amazing is that! If you want to support Jacob you can donate to his just giving page here. So far he has raised £85 can we help to get to £100! It is so wonderful when young people respond to the needs of others and do something to make a difference . Well done Jacob and thank you so much !

Christine Allen CAFOD’s Director reflects on this year of challenges and joys in our online webinar on Thursday 25th November 7pm.

Hear from CAFOD Director Christine Allen and CAFOD trustees about CAFOD’s challenges, joys and achievements of the past year and about our hopes for the future.

With the participation also of Neil Thorns Head of Advocacy, Communication and Education, Maria Gonzalez Head of International programmes, Kayode Akintola Country Representative – Sierra Leone & Liberia.

Register here

English Martyrs Reading have started the livesimply award

The care for creation group at English Martyrs parish in Reading have started on the livesimply award and one of their actions was to take part in the Day of Action for the Climate on Saturday 6th November .

The group started their livesimply journey by showing the Global Caring films commissioned by the Bishop’s Conference in the parish . They then created an action plan with activities in the 3 areas of living simply, living sustainably and living in solidarity with the poor and shared these with the parish by creating short videos see below .

We look forward to hearing how English Martyrs parish progress toward achieving the livesimply award. If you are interested in finding out more about the livesimply award for a parish or school then please contact Jo on portsmouth@cafod.org.uk