Catch up with our Young Leaders

Young Leaders from Farnborough Hill

This year we have five schools participating in the CAFOD Young Leadership programme: – Christ the King College Isle of Wight, Farnborough Hill, St Joseph’s College Reading, Salesian College Farnborough and The Marist School Ascot.  Because of coronavirus we have moved to online training rather than meeting face to face, but our Young Leaders have adapted and are motivated and keen to create a better world.  Even in their own school, year groups can’t meet for whole school assemblies so new ways need to be found to raise awareness of the work of CAFOD and its partners. For example, Young Leaders at Farnborough Hill have used the weekly school newsletter to post short articles about CAFOD with a link to the website “This year the CAFOD young Leaders challenge you all to try and research local businesses and buy sustainable gifts this year for Christmas helping both people and the planet “

Young Leaders from Salesian College

Young Leaders from Salesian College are preparing to lead assemblies on the Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality and the Young Leaders at The Marist are planning a quiz to present at an assembly to engage students in CAFOD’s work. The Young Leaders at Christ the King are planning to focus on water and sanitation and have a design a poster competition.

We look forward to meeting our Young Leaders at the second online training day in January and hope to hear about how their plans are developing.

Young Leaders at Farnborough Hill set an Upcycle Challenge to students.

Farnborough Hill

Farnborough Hill Young Leaders

Our fantastic CAFOD Young Leaders at Farnborough Hill School are keeping their fellow students informed about CAFOD by publishing articles in the school’s newsletter.

Thank you so much!

Here are some extract from this weeks

COVID-19             CAFOD Coronavirus appeal 

CAFOD’s collective expertise in water hygiene and sanitation supports those around the world whose livelihoods have been threatened and families put in danger. They build partnerships with faith leaders and technical experts in rural areas of the world which enables them to support the vulnerable and most in need during the coronavirus crisis. CAFOD’s programmes around the world are run by committed local experts and they are in constant touch with them as they plan for how to deal with this crisis.

Training faith leaders in Sierra Leone

Training faith leaders in Sierra Leone


Even with all of the positive changes in our world, there is still more we can do. And don’t worry; it can be fun. This week we challenge you to upcycle something, find something you were going to throw away and turn it into something useful. In case you are unsure about what to do, we have two example projects for you to try.

Toilet roll tube seedling pot

  • Fold the bottom of the toilet roll tube in to create a base.
  • Cut down to the desired height.
  • Decorate
  • Plant seedling

plant pot

plant pot

  • optional) If you’re like me, and made the base wonky, meaning it didn’t stand very well, then don’t panic! Just take another toilet roll tube and make four cuts down the sides, about three quarters of the way down. Then simply place your seedling pot into the new tube and you have a free-standing pot!





Egg box phone stand

  • Remove the middle part of an egg box
  • Decorate

If you try either of these projects, or any new ones (also welcoming any improvements on these two), send me  pictures of your product in action along with your name and form for a chance to feature in next week’s newsletter! Happy Upcycling!

phone stand

phone stand

Message of hope

During this unprecedented, uncertain situation which is faced by the whole world, let us all, in one accord and one mind, put our trust and hope on the Lord Almighty with whom nothing is impossible. The one who has closed the lion’s mouth for Daniel, parted the Red Sea for Moses and raised Lazarus from the dead can definitely find a way to work around this ordeal. Let us ask our father who is the creator of the heaven and the earth to take complete control of the coronavirus currently ravaging the world. Let us also pray that the Lord’s peace which surpasses all understanding fill our hearts and mind and let the Holy Spirit strengthen all the countries, their leaders and their citizens to face this problem with the boldness and hope for a better tomorrow.

We would love to continue to engage the School with CAFOD, especially as at the moment we all need to take time to look at the positives in the world and feel hope. We thought we would do this by introducing ‘CAFOD’s Good News Section’ into the weekly newsletter! We would particularly love if as a school we could join together to interact in this, so any entries are welcome!

Young Leadership training takes off in Reading…

CAFOD Young Leaders from Portsmouth and Arundel and Brighton dioceses 2017

CAFOD Young Leaders from Portsmouth and Arundel and Brighton dioceses 2017

Many thanks to our new CAFOD Young Leaders who attended their first day of training yesterday at St Joseph’s College Reading. Year 12 students from 6 schools in the diocese signed up to the training :- Blessed Hugh Faringdon, Christ the King, Farnborough Hill, Salesians, St Anne’s and St Joseph’s College. Students from St Peter’s, St George’s and Salesians Chertsey in the  Arundel and Brighton diocese also joined us which means that  60 young people have volunteered to be CAFOD Young Leaders.

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