St Edmund Primary school Eyes of the World.

Thank you to St Edmund’s Primary school for taking part in CAFOD’s Eyes of the World campaign and showing your concern about climate change . Children from the school also took part in Our Lady and St Edmund Climate Sunday mass in October.

During the mass they brought up a globe to represent our world and a tree what was decorated with climate pledges that the children had written about how they will care for our earth God’s creation .

After the mass the children shared all the work they had created in school about caring for our common home so that parishioners could look at it and read their climate pledges.

Thank you so much for sharing with us.

Reclaim our Common Home Petition hand in- Thank You for signing

Eyes of the World -Tom Flint

Faith leaders from Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu and Buddhist communities delivered messages to Downing Street on 18 October 2021 on behalf of CAFOD and other organisations and ahead of the COP26 climate talks.

Faith Leaders outside Number 10 -Tom Flint

This included messages from CAFOD supporters who have signed a petition to Boris Johnson and children and young people who have drawn illustrations to remind the Prime Minister the ‘Eyes of the World’ are on him in the run-up to COP26.

The faith leaders’ message called on the Prime Minister to push for agreements to keep temperature rises below 1.5C, ensure rich countries meet and exceed promises to provide $100bn each year to countries hardest hit by the climate crisis and end further support for fossil fuels.

Over 10,000 people signed the petition and 33,000 children took part in the eyes of the world campaign. Thank you so much for taking part.

CAFOD Young Leaders at Farnborough Hill “eyes of the world”.

Our fantastic CAFOD Young Leaders at Farnborough Hill school explain how they created their huge eye as part of CAFOD’s Reclaim our Common Home campaign.

“In our recent Assembly we launched CAFOD’s ‘Eyes of the World’ campaign, where we asked for clothes donations with which to create a huge image of an eye. Our idea being that each item of clothing donated would represent a member of our school community who wished to make the government aware of their role in stopping Climate Change at the COP26 meeting this November.

On Wednesday 16th June, since it was the last forecasted sunny day, and knowing British weather we were not likely to have another one until we broke up from school, we embarked up creating our eye. We began by sorting the clothes into colours, putting them in bags and transporting them onto the hill at the front of the school. After we had agreed on the best place to arrange the eye, we then began to set it up and although it took numerous attempts to make an outline, we did get there in the end, especially with the help of our Chaplain, Mrs Dalton, who continually ran down the hill to see if it looked at all right. Despite the sweltering heat, we, along with many other volunteers, eventually created an image of an eye that looked didn’t look half-bad.

The clothes that were donated will now be collected by Rags4Riches, a charity that sells clothes to third world countries at vastly reduced prices while in return they give us 40p per kilo of clothing which we will then donate to CAFOD.

In doing this, not only are we as a community taking part in CAFOD’s Eyes of the World campaign and putting pressure on the government to make drastic progress in relation to the Climate Crisis, but we are also helping the environment while raising money. This would not have been possible with a team that included numerous staff and students from across our school community.  

On behalf of Farnborough Hill and as participants in the CAFOD Young Leaders Programme, thank you to CAFOD for inspiring us to take part in this important campaign that aims to have a global impact and helps us live more consciously and ethically. ”

Thank you so much to our CAFOD Young leaders for taking part in the campaign and don’t forget you can take part by signing our online petition to the Prime Minister just click here