Emergency Food Crisis Appeal

CAFOD has launched a Emergency Food Crisis Appeal for Ethiopia’s Tigray region, South Sudan and North- East Nigeria.

Families across these three countries face extreme hunger because of a deadly combination of Covid, climate change and protracted conflict, creating a humanitarian emergency. We no longer have the ‘luxury’ of dealing with one crisis at a time.

We have committed £500,000 of your generous donations. Working together, we need your further support to get food and clean water to hundreds of thousands of people.

A recent report from the United Nations says 155 million people faced acute hunger in 2020 – an increase of 20 million people from 2019 – and that hunger is expected to increase in 23 global hotspots.

The report identifies the situation in Tigray in Ethiopia, South Sudan, and north-east Nigeria as “catastrophic”, with Ethiopia at the top of the list.

Your donation today will allow us to support the emergency response of the Church in Ethiopia – getting food parcels to vulnerable families and nutrition support to pregnant mothers and children under five years of age. It will also allow us to provide essential counselling for those traumatised by the war.

Please donate by clicking here Thank you for your support.

CAFOD Mass for the people of Ethiopia Friday 26th March 7pm.

Join us on Friday 26 March 7-8pm for our special Mass for the people of Ethiopia. With our celebrant, Fr Mark Odion. We will hold in our prayers the people who have suffered violence and been forced to flee from their homes, and those who face shortages of food, water and medication as a result of the terrible armed conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia. We pray for the Church in Ethiopia and we pray that justice and peace may prevail.

Click here to register.

Listen to Mark’s talk about his journey to Afar to meet Abdella and his community.

 “I am wasting my life. I am a young man; I should be doing something else.” 

These are hard words to hear. They were spoken by Abdella who lives in an extremely remote and mountainous part of Ethiopia. It is one of the hottest places on earth. He spends nearly all his time collecting water just to keep his family alive. He walks for ten hours a day and is shattered. He has no time to lead the life he wants, he must keep walking.  In June 2019 Mark Chamberlain CAFOD’s writer visited Abdella and his community. Please listen to his talk about his experiences ( click on the link below)


Abdella told Mark: “The journey for water is so long we have to leave early from the village while it is still dark. I feel tired, I feel hungry. It is very boring. It is hard but I have no choice.  

 “I walk through the [dried out] riverbed, then climb into the mountains, then down into a valley, then climb another mountain to finally get to the water.” 

Abdella is 23 and he has big dreams. He dreams of starting a small business. He dreams of starting a family. He knows that if there was water near his home, his family wouldn’t have to worry any more about getting enough to stay alive. And he could start on the dreams he has for the rest of his life. 

CAFOD, works with people in poverty around the world. There are millions of people like Abdella; one in three people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. With your help, we can reach out and make a powerful difference to many people. By supporting our Family Fast Day through your parish or school, you are giving hope to many people. Family Fast Day is on Friday, the 26th of February.’

Will you go the extra mile this Lent? 

Could you join Abdella and Walk for Water? 

Could you take the challenge of 10,000 steps a day throughout Lent to raise awareness and funds? They can be walked, run or even danced if you prefer. Do you know anyone who would like this challenge? 

Could you join our Big Walk for Water on Saturday 20 February at 2 pm, walking alongside Abdella as part of our virtual event? Could you encourage others to join, your friends, parishioners or family? 

Let’s get involved in the fight against poverty. See cafod.org.uk/lent for more information and to see what you can do.