St Amand’s Primary Brighten Up for Harvest

Harvest Market at St Amand's Primary

Harvest Market at St Amand’s Primary

Wow St Amand’s Primary East Hendred  what  an amazing Harvest market, and thank you so much for raising £300 for CAFOD’s Harvest family fast day which is a fantastic amount!  We hoped you enjoyed dressing up in bright colours! Thank you to those who brought in fresh items to sell and tinned items for the local food bank . The school Councillors worked very hard selling all the fresh items so many thanks!

We hope you enjoyed the Harvest fast day assembly led by our CAFOD school visitor Kath  Oldham. Wasn’t it amazing to learn that in 1990 35% of people in our world lived in extreme poverty but today that figure has gone down to 11% !   So your fundraising is making a huge difference to children’s lives around the world.  For example Twalumba from Zimbabwe is now healthy and growing well thanks to a group funded by CAFOD which teach new mums about good nutrition and the best foods to grow to keep their children healthy.

Twalumba from Zimbabawe

Twalumba from Zimbabwe

Many thanks to all the pupils, staff and parents at St Amand’s Primary for your support of our Harvest appeal, and also thank you to Kath Oldham for visiting the school.


St Amand’s “chain” shows how their support helps children like Svondo.

Pupils from St Amands forming a chain of support.

Pupils from St Amand’s forming a chain of support.

Hello to St Amand’s Primary school East Hendred and many thanks for welcoming our CAFOD school visitor Kath Oldham to your school yesterday. We hope you enjoyed our Lent fast day assembly about Marian and her sons Twanda and Svondo and we look forward to hearing about how you are going to “Give it Up” this Lent.

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Lampedusa Cross at St Amand’s Leavers’ Mass

St Amand's primary Leavers Mass July 2016Thank you to our Education Volunteer, Kath Oldham, for sending us this lovely photo of Fr. Andrew Burnham at St Mary’s church in East Hendred holding a Lampedusa Cross with two of St Amand’s RC primary school leavers after a special Mass earlier this week. Continue reading