Why not use a CAFOD resource this Advent?

Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

As we are now in this special time of advent preparing for the birth of our saviour why not use one of our CAFOD resources at home or in your parish . There is our advent calendar on the website which has reflections and prayers for each day.

If you are planning a fundraising event this advent we have poster featuring  our World gift of an Emergency Shelter  £40 which can be printed off and  filled in .

Emergency Shelter

Emergency Shelter


We also have an advent service which can be used by a group or the whole parish and a variety of advent prayers.

Come Lord, come again

Come Lord, your wounded world is yearning
for you to come again.
Come Lord, your weary world is crying out
for you to lift us up
out of our despair, our hunger,
our thirst for something better,
our need for the food that will last.
Come Lord, come again,
we need to begin again.

Sue Allerton/CAFOD


Tim’s unique way of promoting World Gifts.

Tim Collins

Tim Collins

Thank you so much Tim Collins, our parish volunteer from St Michael & All Angels in Leigh Park for promoting the World Gift catalogues in such a unique way.

Tim wrote a song and sang it at the Sunday masses last weekend. He then sent me a video clip of him singing  it but unfortunately I can’t upload it to the blog but do go to twitter to hear it. It is just amazing- what a talented volunteer!

Here are the words of the song.

My friends and fellow travelers upon the road to redemption

A minute of your time I pray to give this book a mention

Behold a catalogue so fine and gifts of love within,

So take one home or go online it’s so easy to begin.

From chirpy chickens to wonderful worms, or clean toilets to community water,

World gifts transform the lives of poor and many a son or daughter

So reach out to the world with a simple gift as we prepare at Advent time

A gift from the heart is good for the soul so take one home or go online!

Wow Tim many thanks for sharing your song and for all you do for CAFOD!


Adelante Gallery -An artful showcase of unofficial saints.

Hugh with the Adelante Gallery

Hugh with the Adelante Gallery

Hugh Gibbons from Bracknell has created the amazing Adelante Gallery. It is a square free standing, hollow, wooden column packed with graphics and quotes on panels steadied by magnets. The cross piece is made of balsa wood, carrying a vintage sickle and WW2 canon shell.

The gallery is a sort of vertical commonplace book – items and ideas gathered together to:

  • Chime with the canonisation of Oscar Romero as an official saint of the Catholic Church on 14 October 2018
  • Show why he’s respected and valued far and wide
  • Act as a springboard to appreciate a wide range of Unofficial Saints around the world: other inspirers, encouragers and wave-makers in a variety of settings
  • Share stories of social justice and common humanity
  • Be suitable to visit and be put to use by schools, churches and other communities with suitable settings
  • Amuse the eye, mind and soul

The gallery can be used in parishes and schools and easily transported as it comes to pieces and is on wheel. For  more information on the gallery click here