Join us on 10th November at 7pm to hear from Indigenous Leaders from the Brazilian Amazon

Please join us on Wednesday 10th November at 7pm for an exciting opportunity to hear from three indigenous leaders from the Brazilian Amazon who will talk first-hand about their experiences in confronting global challenges such as climate change and protecting the Amazon rainforest from illegal invaders, and explain why indigenous communities hold the key to environmental sustainability for future generations.

It has never been more important for indigenous lands and lives in Brazil to be protected, as they face an onslaught of rights violations and legal changes in favour of profit and power, and the Brazilian Amazon hits the worst levels of deforestation in 10 years (10,476 km2 of forest lost in Brazilian Amazon between 2020-21). CAFOD partners, HAY (Hutukara Yanomami Association) and CIR (Indigenous Council of Roraima) are at the frontline of responses to these extreme challenges, and Mauricio, Sineia and Jessica will explain how, with CAFOD’s support, they are uniting to overcome these threats before it is too late.

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Family fast day is this Friday 1st October

Ivanilde with her family

This Harvest Family Fast Day on Friday 1st October CAFOD is raising money for its Climate Crisis Appeal. CAFOD works with local experts to help people around the world to adapt to the changing climate and protect our common home.

In Brazil, Ivanilde, a mother, a grandmother and a farmer, is on the frontline of the struggle to protect our common home. She lives in a small patch of rainforest in one of the most heavily deforested regions of the Amazon rainforest. More than once, Ivanilde’s home has been ravaged by fires started on land owned by wealthy cattle ranchers and she has lost trees on whose fruits her family rely to survive. Local experts from our church network have stood alongside Ivanilde in legal cases to win rights to stay on the land and she has replanted and restored her land.

All over the world, people are doing their bit to fight the worst effects of climate change. In Ethiopia, water experts supported by CAFOD are helping to build solar powered pumps to help communities struggling with drought. In Bangladesh, CAFOD’s local climate experts are helping people protect their homes and livelihoods from ever more devastating cyclones

By donating to CAFOD this Family Fast Day, you can help communities affected by the worst impacts of the climate crisis.

Oxygen Crisis in Brazil

The pandemic has impacted access to medical supplies worldwide, and as coronavirus rates in northern Brazil rise, oxygen supplies are running out and prices are sky-rocketing.

On Thursday 11th February at 11am, join us online to hear from Bishops in Brazil and colleagues Cecilia Iorio and Clare Dixon in our studio reporting on the oxygen crisis affecting millions of coronavirus patients and their families.

This is a great example of how our global church is responding to the crisis throughout the world. It’s definitely worth tuning in!

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