St Bede’s Primary Walk for Water .

Thank you so much to St Bede’s Primary school in Basingstoke for taking part in CAFOD’s Walk for Water Challenge and for raising an amazing £800 – well done.

Ellen from St Bedes told me “On Thursday 25th March, St. Bede’s Catholic Primary School Basingstoke turned out in force to walk for water.   We created obstacle courses for each year group, which had to negotiated by children carrying full buckets of water.  A wonderful time was had by all, including the obligatory soaking of teachers at the end!  The children understood very well that they were having fun carrying water, unlike children around the world who have to do it as a daily chore.  The total raised so far for all our Lent activities is over £800.  Well done, St. Bede’s!”

Fr Dominic recalls walking to collect water as a child.

Fr Dominic parish priest at St Bede’s Basingstoke is taking part in CAFOD’s Walk for Water challenge and he kindly recalled his experiences of having to walk to collect water as a child at his boarding school and his visit to Ethiopia . He told me…

“If you ever live through hardship, you will recognise one at a glance. This campaign
resonates with me for several reasons. I was brought up and told that water is life.
Early in my childhood, we had pipe borne water. Later, we had a well from where we
got water. As a 10 year old in boarding school, I trekked kilometres to fetch water
from a river to drink, shower, wash my clothes and for the school kitchen. I used to
balance 4 to 5 litres of water in an iron bucket on my head like other children for the
1-2 kilometres walk. We did this enthusiastically and competitively 2 to 3 times daily.
Ever since, I lost the hairs in the middle of my head due to the weight of the water.

As a priest, I have been on study/research team to Ethiopia. On another visit, I had
the chance to address all the Catholic bishops of Ethiopia on a psycho-therapy
project. I visited and stayed in the Catholic Eparchy of Adigrat in Tigray. The local
bishop of Adigrat in Tigray( Bishop Tesfasellassie Medhin) took to me. I spent a
week in Dawhan his home. Dawhan shares a boarder with Eritrea. Dawhan is
landlocked, mountainous and tough. Portable water is gold. Transport in and out is
once a week. CAFOD’s Walk for Water campaign reflects not just a need, but a
memory, a face, a family, a community, a people and an environment to me.

CAFOD’s Walk for Water is “Dawhan” all over again for me. Selfishly, I tied my
daily 5 to 10 miles walk to exploring Basingstoke and its environs. I desire to walk to
Hook. I figure I should balance a bucket of water on my head in reminiscence of my
school days.”

Thank you so much Fr Dominic for supporting CAFOD’s Walk for water and for sharing your experiences. You can donate to St Bedes Walk for Water just giving page here .

BIG Walk for Water 20th Feb!

Jim and Charles from St James & St William of York Reading

On Saturday 20th February we are asking everyone to take part in our BIG Walk for Water to walk in solidarity with those women, men and children around the world who have to walk to collect water for their families .You can walk around your garden, or round the block from 1 mile to 5 miles – it doesn’t matter as long as you walk ! We don’t realise how lucky we are we can just turn on a tap and we have clean water but imagine every time you needed water you had to walk to get it !

St Bedes parish in Basingstoke are taking part with Fr Dominic, Fr Leo and Deacon Tony and several parishioners joining the national BIG Walk for Water on Saturday. Some of them are not only walking on Saturday but they have also signed up for the 10,000 steps each day for 40 days of Lent challenge which is amazing. Thank you so much! You can donate to their just giving page by clicking here or go to the parish website

And his green laces
Deacon Tony ready to walk!

Fr Dominic

Many thanks to parishioners from St Edmund Campion Parish and St Joseph’s Parish in Maidenhead who are also Walking for Water on 20th February. Here are some reasons why they are taking part do look on their just giving page here to see more…

Lisgia and Robert: “We plan to take part in the Big Walk for Water, walking 10,000 steps to raise money for CAFOD’s great work around the world. We feel very blessed and fortunate that water is easily accessible and with this, we hope to encourage people to contribute a small donation towards bringing clean, fresh water to those less fortunate people that are thirsty, food for the hungry or shelter to those who don’t have a home.”

Laura: “As a long-standing CAFOD volunteer, I am very happy to have the opportunity put my love of walking to “good use”, and it’s wonderful that other friends from the parish will be joining in for this special event. We hope our steps, added together, will make a big difference!”

Cheryl: “As someone who loves to walk and does so everyday for fitness and pleasure, it was not difficult to say ‘YES’ to the Big Walk For Water. We are raising money for our brothers and sisters around the world who do not have access to clean water without having to walk miles everyday. Please give whatever you can spare to help our efforts.”

Abdella’s Walk for Water