Staff at St Bede’s Primary School explore the plight of refugees.

St Bede's Staff

St Bede’s Staff

Many thanks to Linda Heneghan our school volunteer for the Reading area for exploring the plight of refugees with staff from St Bede’s Primary in Basingstoke . They took part in a CAFOD workshop called “On the Move” which simulates the situation of refugees who have to leave their homes at short notice because of war or violence. Part of the workshop explores discussing which items you would take with you if you only had 10 minutes to pack a bag, and then reflecting on whether these would be the best items to take afterwards. The workshop gives a real insight into the difficulties refugees face when they are forced to leave their homes and travel to safety.

Staff at St Bede's

Staff at St Bede’s

Our school volunteers work in Primary and Secondary schools across the diocese delivering assemblies and workshops about CAFOD’s work. We are always looking for more school volunteers so if you are interested please contact  or call 01252 329385

St Joseph’s Primary Aldershot explore the experiences of refugees.

St Joseph's Primary Aldershot

St Joseph’s Primary Aldershot

Hello to St Joseph’s Catholic Academy in Aldershot and many thanks for welcoming our  CAFOD school visitor Matt White to your school last week. We hope you enjoyed the “On the Move ”  and “Special Places” workshops which explored the plight of refugees.

During the workshops the children had to make decisions about the things they would take with them if they had to leave home quickly.  As the workshop progresses they then have to decide what things to keep and what things to ditch on their journey to safety.

St Joseph's pupils making decisions

St Joseph’s pupils making decisions

The workshops simulate the kind of situations that a refugee might find themselves in . The children gain an insight into the decisions that refugees have to make when forced to leave their homes.

Deciding on what to take with them .

Deciding on what to take with them .

Thank you to all the children who took part so enthusiastically in the workshops and to Matt White for visiting the school.

Blustery Share the Journey walk on Isle of Wight

Share the Journey walk

Share the Journey walk

Many thanks to CAFOD volunteers Frances and Angela from South Wight Catholic Parish  for organising  a Share the Journey walk from Bonchurch to Wheeler Bay on Saturday 28th July . Although the sun shone it was very windy so thank you to everyone who took part and walked 15 miles in total. These miles will be added to the totaliser which now stands at an amazing 87,093 miles! So thank you all so much!

Share the Journey totaliser August

Share the Journey totaliser August