Join the Eyes of the World National Assembly 22nd April.

Our next national assembly Eyes of the World will take place on Thursday 22 April. 

What is the assembly about?

The climate is in crisis and it affects us all. But it is the poorest communities who are suffering the most. The eyes of the world are on us this year as Britain hosts world leaders for the United Nation’s climate change talks – COP26. Over the past year we have seen how important it is to look after one another. Join our assembly and find out how we can come together to look after and care for the world which is crying out for our help, and tackle the climate crisis.

Primary assembly will be at 9.30am on 22 April

Secondary assembly will be at 10am on 22 April

Share this tweet! We’re joining @CAFODSchools national assembly on 22 April to find out how we can come together to care for the world, and help tackle the climate crisis. 

Children’s Liturgy LIVE Celebrates 1st Anniversary!

CAFOD’s Children’s Liturgy LIVE celebrates one year of LIVE online streaming to Catholic families around the world.

Since the beginning of the lockdown on 22nd March last year, the online children’s platform has been a resourceful space for music, prayers and teaching every Sunday at 10am. 

Providing a place for Catholic families to connect whilst Churches have been closed, Children’s Liturgy LIVE has seen over 3,000 families take part in the LIVE sessions, they have sung the ‘Stand Up, Sit Down’ Alleluia 44 times, received over 1,500 pictures and colouring sheets from children at home and, they’ve had 20 new adult presenters and their children join in on the sessions.

Mother-of-two Eileen Hayes, one of the organisers from the Children’s Liturgy team, says that the team could never have imagined how successful the sessions would become.

“Soon after the first lockdown started, me and a few other parents at CAFOD, came together and thought: ‘How can we engage the young people of our church community?’, and that was how Children’s Liturgy LIVE started.

“Within a month, a thousand families had joined us from as far afield as Australia and South Africa. Since then, we’ve had thousands of individuals, groups and families join the sessions, with an average of 500 families tuning in each week.”

Congratulations and well done to the Children’s Liturgy team and all the families who have volunteered to make it a success, and a space for children to engage throughout lockdown.

Do you know anyone who might like to hear about the sessions? Could you let them know?

Click here to register and join the next virtual children’s liturgy on Sunday at 10am. Follow the link and click on “Enter the series” to register.

If you can’t join the live session, a recording will be available to watch afterwards. 

Virtual Children’s Liturgy on Sundays led by CAFOD staff

Praying in El Salvador

Praying in El Salvador

While we cannot gather in person, we can still come together as a community through prayer. Join us online at 10am GMT on Sunday for a virtual children’s liturgy of the word. Register now to take part:

Please let others with young children know!


Many thanks to CAFOD staff who will be leading the children’s liturgy each Sunday . What a great idea! Please do share any other ideas of how we can come together virtually in these difficult times.