The last CAFOD Portsmouth Blog

For the past 12 years we have shared news, updates and stories on this blog. Many supporters, volunteers, schools, parishes and other groups have been featured and have inspired others to support of their own. One of our first blogs in 2009 featured Fr Tom Grufferty and parishioners from St Joseph Havant and SS Thomas Emsworth fundraising for CAFOD.

Fr Tom Grufferty

But the world of the internet and social media is a fast-changing environment and many good things must come to an end. We have concluded that it’s better to feature our thanks, celebrations, requests and stories in other places and to close down this blog. We still have plenty to share and will do so, most notably on our local page of the main website CAFOD in your area | CAFOD CAFOD Portsmouth Facebook page , our Twitter stream @CAFODportsmouth , CAFOD’s main events page and the CAFOD’s national blog. If you haven’t followed or liked us on those places, please do. You may also want to sign up for our e-news, sent out centrally once a month with lots of interesting info and updates. You can do so on this page.

Thank you to all who have featured in these articles and to all who have helped us bring these stories together and present them on the blog. Many thanks to our regular writers and contributors especially :- Maureen Thompson, Patrick and Isobel Flynn, Laura Bigoni, and Mel and Jack Noronha.

Please do keep in touch with us. Let us know what’s happening in your parishes and schools and how amazing people are supporting CAFOD and we’ll share those stories on Portsmouth Diocesan e-news ( register on website for weekly e-news ) and CAFOD Portsmouth face book . The blog will go offline around Christmas so please do keep us with us elsewhere. And thanks once again for your support.

3 thoughts on “The last CAFOD Portsmouth Blog

  1. Sad to hear that it is the last blog and nice to see Fr Tom. He too is fantastic and produces a lot to all to get our soul nourished. I do understand how fast technology is changing and hope to remember to use the Facebook – not my favourite.
    Will continue to pray for you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022
    God Bless and as I always give Fr Tom my hugs I give you all my CHRISTMAS HUG. x Mel Jack Noronha

  2. Wishing everyone at CAFOD, and especially CAFOD PORTSMOUTH, a very Happy Christmas and a fruitful and Blessed New Year. Thank you for sharing your stories, experiences and inspirational activities on your Blog over the years. We look forward to following you and your experiences on Facebook and wish you every success in reaching even greater numbers of followers in the forthcoming years. God Bless and thank you once again. Patrick and Isobel Flynn. xxxx

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