Meeting with Steve Brine MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford

Many thanks to Steve and Beth Taylor who organised a meeting with Steve Brine MP for Winchester and Chandler’s Ford as part of our Parliament in Your Parish campaign.

Beth told me Steve listened carefully to our questions and assured us Climate Change was being taken seriously and the government have legislated to achieve net zero .Steve did attend COP26 and he will be ensuring that the promises made there are fulfilled. Steve’s own personal commitments have been to replace my gas boiler, reduce flying (his children -age 14 and under) have only been on an aeroplane once in their lives, reduce meat consumption and try to cycle as much as possible.

Beth summed up the meeting thanking Steve for giving up his time in the difficult circumstances as as he had had to join the meeting by phone whilst waiting in the Commons to vote on a number of legislative amendments.

“He did a very courteous job in somewhat difficult circumstances and deserved our thanks for that.  We noted that he also claims to have made changes in his own lifestyle in response to climate change. He said he had not heard of Laudato Si so a copy of the encyclical is being sent to him.”

Thank you so much to Steve and Beth for organised the meeting and to Mike, Lisa, Mary Mike and Liz who attended the meeting.

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