Go Green National assemblies

On Thursday 16th September CAFOD launches the Go Green National Assembly. Our Go Green assembly encourages Catholic schools around England and Wales to unite and fundraise to support communities around the world who are protecting the planet. The assemblies are introduced and led by young people and our education team are interested to hear from schools who would like to get involved in our next national assembly just email schools@cafod.org.uk

 This harvest the assemblies will share the story of Luana who lives in the Brazilian Amazon. When fires destroyed the crops and trees that Luana’s community rely on to survive, CAFOD’s local experts helped them to replant using sustainable methods so that they would have food to eat and to sell.

The secondary assembly is available now just click here so it can be watch in form groups or year groups and the primary assembly will be premiered at 9:30 am on Thursday 16th September and then available to watch here after that .

Please send me your Go Green photos whether it is mufti day, green cake sale or pea soup lunch as I would like to share them on the CAFOD Portsmouth blog and facebook page. or tweet @CAFODPortsmouth

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