CAFOD Parish Volunteers meet with Matt Rodda MP for Reading East

Many thanks to Paul Draper one of our amazing parish volunteers in Reading for organising a meeting with Matt Rodda MP for Reading East as part or our Parliament in Your Parish campaign. Also many thanks to Jane, David and Damian for taking part in the meeting.

Paul told me “Matt was very supportive of CAFOD’s campaign, seeing it as a moral responsibility for all in the U.K. to lead on taking action to combat climate change, and to put into practice the agreements given at Kyoto, Paris and Copenhagen. That the COP 26 meeting in November is urgent to address this. He supports the Covax system of vaccines to our neighbours throughout the world. He feels that the World Bank has been less than conspicuous in helping, and that Debt of those poorest nations needs to be addressed. As shadow Pensions minister he sees the need for new pathways for ‘green investments’.

He wanted to thank CAFOD for maintaining a high profile throughout the pandemic to keep the focus on dealing with climate change and the harm to the poorest throughout the world who have not brought us to this parlous state.”

Have you booked a meeting with your MP yet ? If you need help and support please contact me on

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