Guernsey Laudato Si’ Group

Destruction of forests

Norah Gregson one of our CAFOD parish volunteers in Guernsey reports on the Guernsey Laduato Si’ group . “In Pope Francis in his encyclical, “Laudato si “,  calls on all of us  to do two things : to care for the planet , “Our Common Home “, and to have” solidarity with the poor  “  We are only too aware of the  environmental challenges we face and of how much our use of the planet’s resources impinges on the poorest people in it . Our experience of “ Lockdown “ has really brought to our attention the huge importance of the natural world and  our need to protect it . We have also learned that we  CAN live more simply , use food more thoughtfully , waste less ,consume less .As parishioners of Our Lady and the Saints of Guernsey we have formed a group ,” Laudato  si  Guernsey” to pray ,reflect and act on Pope Francis’ call, to find ways of putting it into action in our community to inspire us all to ecological “Conversion. “.

As individuals and families we can think and act more thoughtfully towards our God given and beautiful  planet and we hope to bring some ideas of ways for us  to do that each week .

What better  people to start us off with a few tips than some of our youngest pupils from Notre  Dame School.  Here are  some of them :

“Try walking some days instead of driving. “ Ella Rose Y 6

 “Don’t flush baby wipes or other wipes down the toilet as they DO NOT break down . “  Shea  Y6 .”

Rising sea levels in Pacific Ocean are destroying islands

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