What is your 100 challenge?

It’s felt like a long year of lockdown but the example of Sir Captain Tom walking 100 laps of his garden was so inspiring! It was his determination that we can do something positive, that our small actions matter, and that “tomorrow will be a good day.” You are invited to follow his example and start fundraising! Captain Tom would have been 101 on Friday 30th April so over this weekend why not join in the CAFOD Captain Tom 100 challenge .The idea is to do something a 100 times for example :-

  • swimming 100 metres
  • scoring 100 goals
  • baking and selling 100 cakes
  • 100-minute bike ride
  • 100 questions family quiz
  • 100 laps around your local park
  • building 100 sandcastles
  • 100 squats or press-ups
  • 100 tennis volleys
  • 100-minute non-stop dancing
  • 100-minute poetry recital

Once you have an idea for a 100 challenge set up a CAFOD just giving page so that people can donate and share it with your family, friends and parish and let us know what you are up to and tag us on social media @Cafodportsmouth . Thank you!

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