Update from St Josephs and Ss Thomas Water Walkers!

Anne Marie and Glyn

Maureen our Parish volunteer at Ss Thomas has sent in an update on their Walk for Water 10,0000 step challenge. They have collectively walked over 1 million steps which is just amazing!!

“Our  group of walkers are keeping going now past the half way mark . They are sending in lots of pictures but have been shy about sending ones of themselves  thanks to Anne Marie and Glyn , Fr john and Stuart for sharing.  We will see if Mary, Catherine, Alison Viv, Eileen, Deryck, Sally, Gary and Maureen will send for next week.   Together we have done so many steps we have decided to see if we can add them together to get from Emsworth to Afar –  we think we have already made it Jerusalem !

Fr John

But more importantly as we walk along we are really able to appreciate the lush soil and abundant water all around us, as we think of Abdella and his neighbours struggling up the dry rocky mountain to collect their daily water. We pray that our efforts can really transform the lives of  people like  Abdella and his neighbours with the money our supporters have donated CAFOD will be able to provide a community water supply.

Abdella and his community

In Afar they travel up with their donkeys we also meet different animals and birds on our walks we share some with you .

Thank you to everyone who has donated to share with some of the poorest of our brothers and sisters. We hope people will continue to make donations to https://walk.cafod.org.uk/fundraising/cafod-walk-for-water191 and perhaps we might be able to raise enough for two community water supplies.

Thank you so much to all the walkers from St Joseph’s Havant and St Thomas of Canterbury & St Thomas More Emsworth.

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