A message of solidarity to Fr Alfred

Fr Alfred Buju

Fr Alfred is the Director of the Justice and Peace Commission in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The JPC is an organisation that educates and empowers people to stand up for their rights . Fr Alfred has been physically attacked and received death threats but he says “Without sacrifice there cannot be change”

Many thanks to the Justice and Peace group at Sacred Heart & St Peter the Apostle Waterlooville for sharing their letter to Fr Alfred . Please consider sending your own message to Human Rights Defenders more information here.

Dear Father Alfred

We write as members of the Justice and Peace Group in the parish of The Sacred Heart and St. Peter the Apostle in Waterlooville part of the Diocese of Portsmouth in the south of England.,

Through CAFOD we have learnt about the work you, as Director, and your fellow members, undertake to educate and empower people in your country.  We have read of your marvellous work upholding human Rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo, especially against the corrupt practices of some of the mining industries there We have learnt with horror that many abuses often involve forced labour and great health problems for those who work in the mines including women and children. Horrific too is the environmental effect of many of these mines where the contamination of soils and rivers is putting the health of people and wildlife at great risk as well as spoiling potential sites which could be used for food production. We greatly admire the way you and your fellow members of the Justice and Peace Commission have stood up to these organizations despite many death threats and even attacks on your persons.

You have said that “Faith is a journey and you have to walk in the footsteps of those who came before you. Without sacrifice, there cannot be change.” It is clear that this is a heartfelt belief that you and your fellow workers in the field of justice live out every day – we pray especially at this Christmas that your work will bear fruit. We thank you sincerely for all that you do and declare our fervent support for work like yours.

Molly Arnold, Mavis Bowden, Clare Burke, Ann Chawner, Philip Hayllar, Dorothy Pople, Tom Wilkinson.

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