Will your gift giving be different this Christmas?

World Gifts Display

World Gifts Display

November is often the month when shelves are stocked with the latest Christmas must-haves, and highstreets all over the UK are bustling with shoppers searching for the perfect gift for their loved ones. This year, however, is a very different one. As we approach a second national lockdown, it’s becoming clear that we may be celebrating a virtual Christmas with our loved ones, and the way that we give gifts is not going to be the same this year.

As a Catholic body we have always joined our efforts together to bring hope and change to people who need it, and last Christmas, our supporters in churches and schools across England and Wales raised nearly one million pounds to support families in developing countries.

World Gifts 2020

World Gifts 2020

Our supporters bought a wide range of virtual World Gifts (a gift that represents and supports an area of our development work), including gifts such as Water for the Family, The Goat that Gives and Chirpy Chickens- and this Christmas, CAFOD supporters have pledged to buy even more life-saving virtual World Gifts.

This year we have added six brand new gifts to our World Gifts 2020 Christmas catalogue, to support communities in developing countries who are struggling to deal with the effects of the spread of the Coronavirus.

Keep clean £6

Keep clean £6


Sharing her thoughts on the impact of the pandemic and how our gift giving can make a positive difference this year, our Director, Christine Allen says: “The coronavirus pandemic has shown us that we are much more connected and reliant on each other than ever before. World Gifts is a wonderful opportunity to discover great gift ideas to help you shop compassionately this Christmas. From the Listening Centre, to PPE For Health Workers, every gift is an ongoing commitment to supporting vulnerable people overseas and an act of us standing together, in these challenging COVID-19 times.”

For more information on buying a World Gift this Christmas, click here.

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