Ian’s 26 mile marathon walk for CAFOD’s Coronavirus Appeal

Many thanks to Ian Liddell our CAFOD parish volunteer at Sacred Heart Church Hook for  walking 26 miles to raise money for CAFOD’s Coronavirus appeal. 

Ian told me  “A few months ago, I joined an inspirational Zoom meeting for CAFOD parish volunteers, and we heard about the devastating effect of coronavirus on the most vulnerable communities. That day, I decided to make a commitment to a fundraising walk for the CAFOD Coronavirus Appeal. My wife was already thinking about making a similar effort for MacMillan Cancer Care, so we teamed up and chose a 26-mile route around the South Downs – our first Marathon Hike!

We started training and I set up a JustGiving page with assistance from CAFOD office volunteers : https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ian-liddell1.

I won’t bore you by talking about the 200+ miles of training walks we did, so here are some highlights of the big day itself.

Photo 1 (top)– We started in the rain and mist from Harting Down at 7am – well wrapped-up but daunted by the long rainy day ahead.

The weather


Photo 2 – 9 miles in, and the rain was easing off – left us with a few challenges underfoot.


Photo 3 – after 16 miles, it was dry at least – but the hilly section of our route was still ahead. We were thinking of our good causes to stay motivated, and trying to enjoy the scenery!


Photo 4 – great coastal views from the high point of the route, but some more storm clouds were heading our way from Portsmouth.


Photo 5 – we reached the finishing line just after 6pm. It was great to be finished after 11 hours on our feet, and time to enjoy the feeling of achievement.


Photo 6 – the stats! We got the distance wrong and ended up at 26.8 miles walking – a marathon plus a little more….and 981 metres of climbing along the way

Wow thank you so much Ian for walking 26 miles, and in such awful weather!!

Please support Ian by donating to his just giving page.

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