Novena to St Francis Day One The Sun

Please join us for the next 9 nine days to pray the novena to St Francis.

Today we start with day one The Sun

First prayer: Sun

“We praise you, Lord, for all your creatures,

especially for Brother Sun,

who is the day through whom you give us light.” (St Francis of Assisi)

“I dream that this Amazon, so beautiful and diverse, a gift from God,

this earth which gives life, our life, our mother, is not transformed into a desert.”

(Fr. Henri de Roziers, Pastoral Land Commission, Brazil)

Creator God,

We are nourished by your radiance.

Forgive us for the harm we cause your earth,

the heat and drought unleashed by climate change.


St Francis, you loved our sacred world,

you praised God ceaselessly

for his dazzling creation.

May we learn from your example.


St Francis, pray for us.

 Please let us know you are joining us in prayer by sending an email to or like us on facebook. 


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