Celebrating Volunteers’ Week – Angela’s 40 years of volunteering for CAFOD in Guernsey.

Angela Le Page

Angela Le Page

Angela Le Page is our parish volunteer at Our Lady and the Saints of Guernsey, and she has been a volunteer and supporter of CAFOD for over forty years.  Here is her story….

”   I first became involved with CAFOD in 1974. I was a young mum then, happy with my firstborn. But my little 10 yr old sister was dying of leukaemia and the world had been alerted to a famine in Ethiopia. Mary, in spite of her suffering, was deeply concerned for the children dying of starvation. She wanted to do something for them. So, inspired by her, we approached the parish priest of the time, Fr Bernard Fisher and he encouraged us to start a group which we called WINGS, World In Need Group Scheme, so nothing to do with Paul McCartney.



WINGS was not just about fundraising. It pledged to raise awareness of the needs and causes of poverty in what was then known as the Third World, to work with other Christian charities and to raise funds for the alleviation of injustice and poverty. We promoted Traidcraft and Campaign Coffee (Ugh!) precursors of Fair Trade.

Our major involvement was with CAFOD. CAFOD provided us with a list of projects at different costs such as providing sewing machines for a community, digging wells and funds were raised by regular church collections. The focus on funding a project worked well.  Our Catholic schools were involved too as I gave talks, showed films etc.

As my family grew I was less involved with WINGS and CAFOD and other parishioners took over, most especially, Bryan and Ann Mauger. Then about 10 years ago Bryan asked me if I would pick up the reigns again and run WINGS and be the CAFOD representative. The parish now has a small enthusiastic CAFOD group who are ready to give talks about Family Fast Days and run occasional Soup lunches.

Soup lunch in Guernsey

Soup lunch in Guernsey

I have been involved with CAFOD for many years and at times have had poor health. I have often wished that we could do more and my ambitions outrun my time and energy but I think it is important to say that it doesn’t matter how little we do as long as we do something.

I feel it is important that as a Catholic community we continue to look outward to the whole world, that the poorest receive what they need and that we work for a just society that ensures a good life for everyone. I am so proud of the loyalty and generosity of my Island community.”

Thank you so much Angela for your 40 years of volunteering for CAFOD. If you have been inspired by Angela’s story and would like to volunteer for CAFOD in your parish then please get in touch.  portsmouth@cafod.org.uk 



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