Maureen tells us about Emsworth’s Virtual Pilgrimage and signing the Coronavirus petition

Map of pilgrimage route

Map of pilgrimage route

Our world has changed so much now, much more has to be done from our armchairs. Sometimes it can be a bit lonely and our levels of anxiety are high so Maureen our campaigns volunteer from Emsworth  has come up with the idea of virtually making the trip the parish was considering to travel to Canterbury  to commemorate  850 years since the martyrdom of Thomas Becket. A spiritual journey supported by our daily exercise each day.  We  have been “walking”  for 12 days  sharing our prayer and actions with fellow travellers as we imagine a journey  along the Old Way along the south downs  to Canterbury .



This week Alison  one of our school volunteers who has joined the pilgrimage is encouraging everyone to sign the latest CAFOD petition

Alison says “As you walk through the attractive villages and beautiful, lush countryside between Clayton and Plumpton, or wherever your virtual pilgrimage takes you, I ask you to allow your thoughts to travel many miles away to the people in the developing world who have nothing to protect them from the devastating impact of coronavirus. In these countries millions of people, already struggling to feed their families, now face extreme hunger as jobs are lost and markets shut down.

These vulnerable families are ill equipped to fight the virus.  The public health systems are totally inadequate.  Many countries have shortages of the most basic supplies such as masks, oxygen and even soap and water.  Some do not have a single ventilator.

The scale of the crisis is frightening as the pandemic spreads across Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East as well as among refugee camps and displaced populations in countries such as Syria, South Sudan and Bangladesh.  We must reach out to them. If you feel able, please add your name to a petition set up by CAFOD asking the Government to play its part.” 

Please remember them in your prayers

Restoring and healing God, we pray for all those suffering across the world because of the Pandemic.  May these extraordinary times galvanise our world leaders to work together in an effort to make deep and lasting changes to the injustices that cause so much misery and premature deaths in the developing world and in areas of conflict.  Give us the strength and courage to speak up for those who have no voice and to do our part to make the world a better place.  Amen


Hand washing in Zimbabwe

Hand washing in Zimbabwe

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