Join me and take part in the 26 challenge and raise money for CAFOD’s Coronavirus Response


Family walk at Christmas

Family walk at Christmas

Myself and my daughter Anna -Maria have decided to take part in the 26 challenge on Sunday 26th April  to raise money for CAFOD’s Coronavirus Response.   Sunday 26th April was meant to be the day of the London Marathon but instead of the marathon the 2.6 challenge has been set up encouraging people to do a challenge around the  number 26 or 2.6. So we have decided to do 26,000 steps as we both have a fit bit . I try to do around 8,000 steps a day but this has been difficult since the lock down and my daughter regularly went to her gym to keep fit. She lives in London so we will do the challenge virtually and send each other photos of how we are doing.

To sponsor us please visit our just giving page 

We are raising money for CAFOD’s Coronavirus Repsonse because we know how fortunate we are to have the wonderful NHS, but in many countries where CAFOD works the health care system is fragile, and as people need to work to eat  they are unable to stay at home . As Kayode shared in the webinar about Sierra Leone on Tuesday for many people living in poverty the choice is either to risk catching COVID19 or let their families starve!

So if you are able to please give to CAFOD’s appeal to support our brothers and sisters around the world in these difficult times.

Many thanks from Jo     CPC CAFOD Portsmouth





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