Reading Primary Schools Welcome Linda and Francesca

Many thanks to Linda Heneghan our CAFOD school volunteer who has had a busy week visiting primary schools in Reading to share CAFOD’s Lent Assembly about The Amazon Rainforest. She visited Christ the King Primary, St Paul’s Primary and St Joseph College Prep with her puppet Francesca.

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During the assembly Linda explained that The Amazon Rainforest which is home to many people and animals covers over 2 million square miles including 9 countries, and is very important for the earth’s climate.

The Amazon

The Amazon

However we are losing the rainforest, and every minute the area the size of a football pitch is cut down or burnt. So CAFOD is supporting people like Davi from the Yanomami , an indigenous group of people who live in Brazil, and who are protecting the rainforest from destruction.

We would love to have more CAFOD school volunteers in the diocese especially in Hampshire and Berkshire  so if you have time during the week and would like to inspire young people to make difference then please contact Jo for more information by emailing 

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