Super soup at the CAFOD update meeting in Isle of Wight !

Volunteers at the meeting

Volunteers at the meeting

Wow what a fantastic Lent fast day update meeting we had at St Thomas of Canterbury Church Cowes on Saturday 22nd February despite the weather! Thank you to all those who came and  special thanks to Geraldine Heath our Parish Volunteer Coordinator for the Isle of Wight for organising the meeting. Also many thanks to Sue, Kathleen and Peter for the delicious cakes and the tasty soup lunch which was very welcomed on such a wet and windy day!

Super soup lunch

Super soup lunch

At the meeting we explored how and why CAFOD works with local experts and we heard about Sr Consilia and her work in Gowke, Zimbabwe. Sr Consilia is a pharmacist and she told us that when she was a little girl she caught malaria ” It was raining and we had to walk for four hours to get treatment ” This experience made Sr Consilia determined  to train as a pharmacist to ensure that other people have access to treatment for malaria, typhoid and other preventable diseases.

Her faith motivates her work she said” I feel happy to be among the people.through treating and caring for them ,I try to show the love that Christ shows us”.

Sr Consilia is just one of the amazing, highly trained, highly skilled local experts you help around the world by supporting CAFOD. Your donations are like an outstretched hand offering  love and support . So please give generously to the CAFOD Lent family fast day appeal on Friday 6th March. 

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