Breezy CAFOD Update Meeting in Basingstoke

Meeting at St Bedes

Meeting at St Bedes

Many thanks to all the parish volunteers who braved the wind and rain to come to our CAFOD update meeting on Saturday 15th February at St Bede’s Basingstoke . Lizzie Funnell CAFOD’s Programme officer for The Middle East gave a very interesting talk on projects that support human rights and encourage communities to work together to resolve issues . Many thanks to Fr Chris and St Bede’s for hosting the meeting, and to Mary, Imelda and Tony for all their help.

Lizzie Funnell

Lizzie Funnell

We also heard about how and why CAFOD works with local experts. Watch this film by CAFOD’s Director of Operations Geoff O’Donoghue about his own experience of working with local experts  . Then we explored the Lent fast day resources which tell the story of  Sr Consilia a pharmacist who works in Gokwe Zimbabwe.

Don’t forget we have one more CAFOD update meeting at St Thomas of Canterbury Church Cowes on Saturday 22nd February from 11am to 1pm .

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