New Years Resolutions Giving You the January Blues?

Super Young Leaders from Salesian College

Super Young Leaders from Salesian College

Why not become a CAFOD volunteer?

We all know that dreaded sinking feeling. It is the start of January and, despite promising this year was going to be different, your New Year’s Resolution feels hopelessly impossible. 2020 is the time to shake things up. Make a commitment to help others and volunteer with CAFOD. Not only will you gain new friends and skills, but you’ll be integral in supporting our life-saving work. From volunteering in your local parish to spreading the word through campaigning, this resolution will support our mission to ensure everyone can reach their full potential and live with dignity.

We have a whole range of volunteering opportunities available, from parish and school volunteering, to campaigning and events opportunities, to prayer writing and working to promote CAFOD in local and social media.

It doesn’t matter how much time you can volunteer for- it matters that you’re doing it. Despite what our climate zero heroes would have you believe, not all heroes wear capes and every volunteer is a hero in our eyes. Let’s step into the new year together and make a real difference.

Want to get involved? Email Jo at or call 01252 329385

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