Young Leaders at Salesian College focus on SDG No Poverty !

Young Leaders Assembly

Young Leaders leading the assembly

Many thanks to our Young leaders from Salesian College Farnborough for raising awareness about poverty and the work that CAFOD does in a school assembly.

One of the Young Leaders sent this report to me

“Earlier this week we celebrated mass at school; we used this opportunity as a CAFOD group to exhibit our presentation on poverty.

Young Leaders

Young Leaders

Our introduction was a pragmatic definition of poverty, which moved into, with the next speaker, a demonstration – with the statistics gathered transposed proportionally on the attendants of mass, as in, the school community. A certain number of years were told to stand, then: “Poverty affects 3 billion people in the world. This is 39% of the population. So, if our school was a representation of the global population, each one of those years would be living in poverty.” The process we extended to the other statistics, a number of years or a half of the room told to stand to illustrate a damning litany of facts that rolls on outside the walls of our school, by which none of us are affected, culminating with the 1% of the population who live on or above £23,000 p.a., whom we represented by placing 7 comfier chairs in the audience. These 7 people, we said, out of 700, would get the opportunity to receive a special lunch later in the day for him or her and a friend, plus a packet of skittles “for no other reason than the place they sat down today”.

1 in 100

Then we discussed the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, and the optimism and realities concerned with them, then an overview of Catholic social teaching – that everyone is made in God’s image, and by God’s image should anyone expect to be treated. And to end, an overview of the steps we’ve taken as a group to publicise the charity, and our future plans:

“This year, CAFOD has recommended that the Young Leaders focus on one of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Our team has chosen to focus on the goal of No Poverty. So far we’ve created social media accounts on both Twitter and Instagram to spread awareness of the work CAFOD is doing. We have also prepared the Privilege Day we mentioned earlier. Next term we plan to focus on fundraising and we’ll continue to try and raise awareness by doing some smaller assemblies. We hope that you can fully take part in the activities in the future and help the college to support CAFOD, an important part of Salesian life.”

I personally believe we have made an unambiguous introduction to CAFOD for the new Year 7s, and that a spark for most people, (given the originality of this assembly within school assembly tradition) if not already lit, has been relit to see with more passionate detail the undertaking of this charity. But also of charity in generality. Thus I say that accordingly, future help will be readily at hand.”

We look forward to hearing about your fundraising activities. Thank you so much!

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