World Gifts the gifts that keep on giving

Bicycle for a water mechanic £60

Bicycle for a water mechanic £60

World Gifts are CAFOD’s alternative charity gifts that transform lives and support communities to break free from poverty.These virtual gifts are great presents for friends, family, teachers – and most importantly, make a very real difference to families around the world.World Gifts have already helped over 5,000 children to attend literacy classes – opening doors to education and work and has brought 100,000 animals to families – helping to create countless small businesses.

This year, we have some new gifts for example bicycle for a water mechanic £60. A bike is a classic Christmas gift. This year, why not provide a water pump mechanic with a much needed bike to allow him to reach remote water sources? Without maintenance, wells, boreholes and other water sources can stop working meaning entire communities can no longer access clean life-saving water. The faster a mechanic can reach them the more he can maintain!

Other gifts such as  ‘Change a woman’s world’  £40  ‘Help for a Hardworking Hairdresser’£77 and ‘Sewing kit’  £21 empower women to work – and earn a living – for themselves.  

World gifts range from £4  Happy Queen Bee to £4000 for a Health Clinic so this Christmas why not fundraise as a parish or a school to buy a gift that really makes a difference to people’s lives!

Health clinic

Health clinic

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