Thought Provoking and Reflective Creation Service at Our Lady’s Church Fleet.

Nadine our parish volunteer with Reverend Carol Dunk .

Nadine our parish volunteer with Reverend Carol Dunk .

On Sunday I was invited to take part in the Ecumenical  Creation service at Our Lady’s Church in Fleet to give short talk on the Our Common Home Campaign.  I was stunned as I entered the church  by the amazing prayer stations which had been set up in corners of the church. These showed different aspects of climate change and ways we could respond.

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The service started with CAFOD’s video on net zero and used a variety of scripture readings to celebrate God’s beautiful world and how we have been entrusted to care for it.  The hymns used familiar tunes but had lyrics reflecting on climate change and care for the world. I was particularly struck  by the prayer An Uncomfortable Blessing .

An Uncomfortable Blessing
May the Spirit bless you with discomfort at easy answers, half-truths and superficial relationships so that you will live deep in your heart.
May the Spirit bless you with anger at injustice and oppression, the exploitation of people and earth so that you will work for justice, equity and peace.
May the Spirit bless you with tears to shed for those who suffer so that you will reach out your hand to comfort them.
May the Spirit bless you with foolishness to think that you can make a difference in the world so that you will do the things which others say cannot be done.
Loving Father, help us to change. To change ourselves and to change our world. To know the need for it. To deal with the pain of it. To feel the joy of it. To undertake the journey without understanding the destination.Amen       (from

The service was truly thought provoking and inspiring and I would like to thank Sara, Nadine and Katie who organised it and must have spent many hours preparing the prayer stations. Thank you so much for putting together such a  wonderful afternoon of reflection and prayer.

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