St Bedes Primary Basingstoke hear Fabiano’s story.

St Bede's Primary school

St Bede’s Primary school

Hello to St Bede’s Primary in Basingstoke and thank you so much for welcoming  Roger our CAFOD school volunteer to your school.  In the Harvest fast day assembly Roger told you about Fabiano a 14 year old boy from Uganda and showed you this film.

Roger showed you how having a solar powered water pump in his village has changed Fabiano’s life. We asked Fabiano what the pump meant to him and his community. He told us:

“It means a lot. It means life.”

Having a pump in the village means it’s much easier to collect water for cooking and cleaning. It also means that the community can grow vegetables. Fabiano has much more free time now. He is enjoying his studies, and he is also a Health Prefect at school, helping other people to understand how the water pump can help everyone stay clean and healthy.

Fabiano from Uganda

Fabiano from Uganda

Thank you so much to Roger for visiting St Bede’s Primary. We would like to give children like Fabiano the help they need to change their lives so please give generously to our Harvest fast day appeal. 

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