Great Harvest Meeting at St Colman’s Cosham

Harvest meeting at St Colman's Cosham

Harvest meeting at St Colman’s Cosham

Many thanks to Paula Medd our Parish Volunteer Coordinator for Portsmouth Pastoral Area and parish volunteer at St Colmans for organising the Harvest fast day meeting and providing the refreshments.Thank you to Fr Innaiah and St Colman’s Church for hosting the meeting and to all those who came. It was great to see you!

Also many thanks to Jess Michelmore CAFOD’s Communications Officer for Latin America who spoke passionately about our Hands On project in Colombia which focuses on peace building.Colombia has experienced many years of violence with over 280,000 people killed and 2.3 million children displaced from their homes. The Catholic Church plays a key role in promoting peace and human rights and CAFOD has worked there for over forty years. The Hands On Magdalena Medio is a parish project that runs over the next three years. A parish signing up to fundraise for this project will follow this community as they transform their lives, through peace building activities. They will receive regular project updates from Colombia, so they will see how their donations are making a difference.The project will begin by running peace building workshops in 34 schools, teaching young people how to avoid a life of violence. They will be taught how to share all they have learnt with their families and neighbours. Together, with your help, we aim to reach 5,000 people in total. To sign up please click here.

Jess Michelmore

Jess Michelmore

This Harvest our focus country is Uganda. Fabiano is a 14 years old boy who lives in Karamoja Uganda and until recently he had to walk 5 km each day to collect water for his family. But donations from CAFOD supporters have enabled local experts to build a solar powered pump in Fabiano’s village and now it only takes him 3 minutes to collect water. This means that Fabiano has more time for his studies and also growing vegetables for his family.

Fabiano from Uganda

Fabiano from Uganda

On Friday 4th October, family fast day please have a simple meal and donate the money that you save so that more families can have access to a safe, clean supply of water in their villages.

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