Congratulations to St Anthony’s School for achieving the Laudato Si’ Award.

Year 5 assembly on Laudato Si’

Congratulations to St Anthony’s Primary school in Titchfield Common  who have been working hard all year on the Laudato Si’ award and on Monday 3rd June our school volunteers Rosemary and Bern visited the school to present the Laudato Si’ award  certificate to them. Well done everyone!

Mrs Straker ,Key stage 2 leader told us about the award and how they have been focusing on the environment this year.

“Our pupils began the academic year by making personal promises of things they could do individually to reduce the damage we inflict on the Earth and they have tried to keep these pledges throughout the year.  We continued this work by tying in our Science Week in March to Laudato Si’ as each year group worked on a science project to encourage more wildlife to share our school grounds: for example we made bird feeders, bird houses, bug hotels, litter picked, ran an ‘Eco brick’ competition and we even had a visit from a bee keeper to learn about how to encourage more bees to our local area.

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The work towards the Laudato Si’ Award has tied in beautifully with our increasing focus on outdoor learning at St Anthony’s with our forest and farm schools. We believe the Laudato Si’ Award has helped so many of our pupils to think about our world and how we can all make it a better place to share with everyone.”

Many thanks to Rosemary, our school volunteer who has been supporting the school this year and inspired them to work for the award. We need more school volunteers like Rosemary in the Portsmouth diocese. You can find out more about the role here or contact 

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