Young Leaders are Climate Change Zero Heroes.

Young Leaders making a zero

Great to see our Young Leaders from Farnborough Hill, St Anne’s Southampton , St Joseph’s College Reading and Salesian College Farnborough at our third training day yesterday. We had a fantastic day exploring problem solving skills and campaigning.

String Game

The day kicked off with the string game where groups of 7 students had to make different letters and numbers using string but with their eyes closed. There were some hilarious results but the students found creative ways to tackle this challenge.

After the icebreaker the Young Leaders shared the fundraising activities they organised last term to raise money for the Lent fast day appeal. These ranged from a sponsored silence to soup lunches to fairtrade tasting and no phone days. Thank you so much for all your fantastic fundraising activities.

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In the afternoon we looked at past CAFOD campaigns and the different ways of campaigning,  and then launched our new Our Common Home campaign on climate change. We challenged the students to come up with exciting  ideas on how to be Zero Heroes and engage their school community in this campaign which calls on the government to pledge to reach net zero emissions by 2045. This means only putting the same amount of emissions into the atmosphere as we take out. For example, cutting our use of fossil fuels and protecting and planting trees, which take in carbon dioxide as they grow.

We look forward to hearing  how the Young Leaders engage their communities in the campaign at our celebration day on 25th June at Romero House where Young leaders from around the country will gather to celebrate their achievements and be presented with their certificates.

Many thanks to Farnborough Hill school for hosting the third day and for providing a very warm welcome and a delicious lunch!. Also a huge thank you to the staff accompaniers who have supported the students throughout the year, and to Sarah Burrows CAFOD’s Youth Leadership coordinator who has planned and led each training day.

Finally thank you to all the Young Leaders whose enthusiasm and energy is truly inspiring…. looking forward to seeing you on the 25th June.

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