Linda shares Rabiul’s story with Primary Schools in Reading.

Rabiul and his family

Rabiul and his family

Many thanks to Linda Heneghan our CAFOD school volunteer in the Reading Area for visiting the schools in Reading to tell them about Lent family fast day and share with them the Rabiul’s story.

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Rabiul and his family live in Bangladesh next to a river but their village is on the other side of the river. He has to cross the river by boat to get to school each day. His family relies on the fish in the river for food but last year there was a drought and the river dried up and all the fish died. So Rabiul’s mum has to do odd jobs for neighbours in return for rice but it is not enough and sometimes the family only have water for dinner.

We want to help Rabiul and his family and other families around the world who are struggling to get enough to eat. Did you know just £1 buys a young tree that can provide fruit like guava and coconut? £8 buys rice seeds that Rabiul’s family can use. £26 buys 10 ducks. £167 can build a pond for the family to breed fish. You can support the Lent family fast day appeal by giving on online here. 


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