Maureen is off to Poland for UN Climate Summit

Maureen Thompson

Maureen Thompson

Maureen our  CAFOD volunteer  in Emsworth is planning to join others next month in Poland to campaign in witness and prayer at the  UN Climate Summit. CAFOD as part of the Climate Coalition continues to raise concerns about the importance of all working together to mitigate the effects of climate change on the whole world and highlighting how it is often the poorest people in the world who suffer most.

As part of the preparation to go Maureen has sent a letter to her local MP, Mr Alan Mak raising our  concerns for care for the planet and its ‘people and inviting him  to sign up to a cross party MP letter calling for increased UK ambition on climate change.  CAFOD is also helping organise an event in Parliament to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Climate Change Act and invited MPs to find out how they can do more.

A card was delivered  to Mr Mak from local  Christians and pictured on the card is our  “hero”  for the new Be a Hero go for Zero campaign inviting him to the anniversary party .

Be a Hero for Zero card

Be a Hero for Zero card

Maureen hopes to find out a lot more about how as supporters of CAFOD we can be involved in caring for the creation and manage change particularly for some of the worlds most vulnerable people.

Hope the trip goes well Maureen and we look forward to hearing about it when you return.

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