Year 6 pupils at St John the Baptist explore the Corporal works of Mercy

St John the Baptist

St John the Baptist

Hello to St John the Baptist primary school in Andover and many thanks for welcoming our school visitor Roger Coveney to your school last week . I hope that Year 6 enjoyed exploring the corporal works of mercy and how CAFOD’s work relates to them .

Corporal woks of mercy display

Corporal woks of mercy display

We are currently feeding the hungry, giving drink to the thirsty and providing clothes and shelter to the survivors of the earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia.  Our Caritas aid workers have reached Palu, with aid – transporting 7 tons of rice, canned sardines, 500 boxes of drinking water, 250 packages of blankets, hygiene kits, water buckets, tarpaulins, mats and sarongs, and have begun distributions.  To help us provide this essential support please donate to our appeal here .

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