Share the Journey Walk in Southbourne

Starting off on the walk

Starting off on the walk

Many thanks to Marie-Claude our parish volunteer at Our Lady Queen of Peace Southbourne for organising a Share the Journey walk on Saturday. The group started at Our Lady Queen of Peace church and then walked to Hengistbury Head and back to the church. They walked  29 miles in total which will be added to the online totaliser.


Marie-Claude told me “We read the stories on the cards along the way and it was a very meaningful walk. We also read the prayer each time we stopped asking God to open our eyes to see the face of Christ in all we met along the way. It was fairly warm but we decided not to stop at the café on Hengistbury Head and yes to be thirsty, hot and tired by the time we got back to Church for our last story  final prayer. As somebody said, we had had a good night sleep before the walk, a good breakfast and were wearing good shoes and we knew we had a nice safe home to go back to, food and our families. It made us realise how lucky we are and we felt very close to our brothers and sisters who have nothing and have to flee their homes in desperation.  There were 9 of us to start the walk 7 who did the whole walk; 2 ladies did part of it. So together we walked 29 miles. It may not be a lot but we felt that every step we took was sending a message to world leaders.”

A well deserved rest

A well deserved rest

A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who took part in the walk and showed their concern for refugees.

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