CAFOD Cafe run by volunteers raises £30,000

Vi and John and myself in the cafe

Vi and John and myself in the cafe

The CAFOD cafe at St Matthieu’s Church in Jersey has raised £30,000 for CAFOD since it began in 2002. Fr Tom Friery CSSP was inspired to set up a Cafe which raised money for CAFOD after being a missionary priest in Nigeria. With the help of volunteers like Vi Alcock  the cafe was established.

Vi told me that in the beginning they raised very little about £5 on a good day but gradually this increased, and more remarkably people brought donations of loose change, and then envelopes of paper sums. The largest single donation was £400. Parishioners also began to donate tea, coffee,  biscuits, cakes and jam  and so the funds began to build and to date the cafe has raised £30,000.

Vi serving her loyal customers.

Vi serving her loyal customers.

“Not only is it important to raise money for the less fortunate of our fellow beings, but humanity in the community in which we live is also important. This has become very visible on a Sunday morning, to see people chatting to each other over a “cuppa”, talking and speaking to someone they would normally nod to.” Vi

Vi not only runs the cafe but also organises the Harvest and Lent fast days  at St Matthieu’s church and she is one of our amazing volunteers that we are celebrating and thanking  this  volunteers’ week.

Many thanks to Vi and all those who support her running the cafe when she is away . A HUGE THANK YOU to all those who donate to the cafe and have helped raised this amazing amount ! Thank you all so much!



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