“Inspiring, Informative, Brilliant ” comments about Share the Journey Conference

Share the Journey Conference

Share the Journey Conference

Wow what an fantastic day we had on Saturday at our Share the Journey conference at St Edward the Confessor church listening to some amazing speakers. Here are some comments from people who attended the day

“I just wanted to say what a great day Saturday was and thanks for organising it. I found all the sessions inspiring and the presentation given by the Bangladeshi group was so moving; you hear or read about the issues they raised but to hear someone who has been directly affected speak really brings it home to you in a way no other way does”.

“The speakers were brilliant, informative, and inspiring, when they spoke from the heart. I struggled all day, to hold the tears back.
I must say the witnesses  always speak to me, and this time, I thought both
Pakhi and young girl on the tape, were amazing for different reasons.
Pakhi was so so brave to come and tell her story. I just felt so hopeless not to be able to communicate  with her, so I just say thank you, by holding her hands in mine. By her action she will change lives, and hopefully the law. We are very grateful  to her,  for opening my eyes to the plight of the migrant workers all over the world.
The young girl ( from Syria) spoke so well of the way her life had been change by  coming over. Again she was able to describe her situation in a foreign language. Which was amazing and very moving. ”

Members of OKUP

Members of OKUP

“An excellent inspirational day”  “Best conference I have been on so far..”

” An excellent day opened my eyes and made me think we should participate and not just observe”

Thank you so much to our speakers Alan Thomlinson CAFOD’s Programme manager for the Syria crisis, Sarah Croft from CAFOD’s Campaign team, Reverend Trevor Filtness and Terry from St John’s Rowland’s Castle, Regi Miesle from the Diocesan Refuge Response group and Rosie Lennon from the Rural Refugee Network.   Special thanks to Sahkirul, Faruque and Pakhi from  OKUP (Ovibashi Karmi Unnayan ) Program which is a community-based migrants organisation in Bangladesh and one of CAFOD’s  partners .

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Many thanks to St Edward the Confessor CAFOD volunteers for hosting the day and providing refreshments. Thank you to all those who attended the conference and took part in the first Share the Journey walk in the Portsmouth diocese. I hope you will be inspired to organise your own walk in your parish!




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