Fantastic Response to Lent appeal from Our Lady Immaculate Westbourne

Cooks from Our Lady Immaculate

Some of the cooks from Our Lady Immaculate

Many thanks to the parishioners at Our Lady Immaculate Church Westbourne for your fantastic response to our Lent Fast day appeal. So far you have raised over £1200 and with the last Lent soup lunch this Friday who knows what the final amount will be!  Thank you to Margaret, Peggy and Audrey ( in photo)  for giving  up your time to cook the delicious soup for last Friday’s lunch and also thanks to the other cooks . We look forward to finding out the final total donated and don’t forget that this Lent all donations will be doubled by the UK Government up to £5 million.

As Marian from Zimbabwe said “I’m very grateful to CAFOD supporters for what they’ve done. You have been a bridge from a place of suffering to a better world. If I were to meet you, it would be such a blessing. I’d like to ask you, what drives you to give to others? Is it your kindness?”  So thank you so much!


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