St Paul’s Primary Portsmouth “Give it Up” this Lent

St Paul's Primary Portsmouth

St Paul’s Primary Portsmouth

Hi to St Paul’s Primary school in Portsmouth and many thanks for welcoming our CAFOD school visitor Maureen Thompson to your school. We hope you enjoyed the Lent family fast day assembly about Marian and her two sons from Zimbabwe which showed how donations to CAFOD have helped Marian to grow a vegetable garden. The vegetables have helped Svondo to grow strong and healthy and prevented him from being malnourished like his brother Twanda was when he was younger.

St Paul's pupils

St Paul’s pupils

Maureen wrote about her visit “I really enjoyed my visit to St Paul’s School in Portsmouth to share CAFOD’s Lent assembly. The children were all so beautifully quiet when they came in to the hall I hardly liked to speak myself.  Once we got going though they all had plenty of answers and took a keen interest in sharing with me all sorts of sports they like to play and how sad they would be if they could not play. They all agreed that every child should have the right to food and the right to play!

Svondo aged 7 from Zimbabwe

Svondo aged 7 from Zimbabwe

They listened to Svondo’s story and enjoyed the picture of him licking the peanut butter  from his hand.  Then to illustrate the connection between the school, as CAFOD fundraisers and the hard work Marian had put in to build her garden to help Svondo grow healthy and strong, the children helped me build a human chain.

St Paul's chain of support

St Paul’s chain of support

The school is going to give profits from the tuck shop to support family fast day . I would like to thank all the children at St Paul’s for their welcome and enthusiasm.”

Many thanks to the pupils, staff and parents at St Paul’s for your support of CAFOD, and thanks to Maureen for visiting the school.

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